Peak Williamsburg, Part II

by MIKEL MCCOY · April 7, 2008

    peak williamsburg

    Ultimately PEAK WILLIAMSBURG will be measured in the increase of the 3 C's, that are Cops, Condominiums, and Chain stores. Bedford Ave has had a Subway (the sandwich shop, not the L-train) for a while now, not to mention the plans for Starbucks galore on Broadway, a few blocks away. The increased presence of New York's finest has helped more than a few parties I've attended lately come to an early end, and with all the new construction in the Willie B/Greenpoint environs, one would think that Brooklyn contractors had not heard of the nation wide housing crunch.

    But just as the tide seems to be un-turn-able news that a wide swath of Williamsburg will be off limits to high rise construction,  a city council vote steps in to, if not save the day at least give hope that the area will not be just another playground for the rich, young and douche bag. The March 26th council vote 'downzones' a 13-block area along and near Grand St. forbidding most buildings from rising above 50 feet, though it would allow for a "few" 70 foot buildings. Hailed by some as a way of preserving the low-rise character of Brooklyn it halts 14 new projects, some already under construction. Plans for the a 16 story development at 227 Grand St will need to be radically altered now to 'fit' in not only with the character of the neighborhood, but the law. So there you go. Sure Williamsburg is ripe for the pickings and all, sitting right there in the heart of 18-34 year old marketing heaven, but you'll have to do it with a bit less monstrous new yuppie dream castles.

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