The Lolita Party

by SARAH JAFFE · June 26, 2008

    The Lolita Party

    Last night Newcastle and Sparks hosted The Lolita Party in Greenpoint. Burning Brides, Made Out Of Babies, The Named Heroes, and Crackula performed. All of the bands had killer sound and the space was so massive that the music resinated all throughout the place.

    More photos and story below...

    The apartment/ colossal pad (that I wish was mine) is also where the Fadar Mag Icon Issue Release Party was a few weeks ago. A DJ set by Sweatshop Labor was also in the mix along with a projector and unlimited Newcastle Brown Ale and Sparks to keep energy levels high.

    100 Sutton St.

    The Lolita PartyThe Lolita PartyThe Lolita PartyThe Lolita Party

    [FADAR 54 Icon Issue Party]