"There's A Great Pizza Spot We Go To Every Sunday....It's Our Tradition. It's A Small Place In Brooklyn, You Can Bring Your Own Wine, And There Are Candles There. It's A Nice Date."

by SARAH MANDATO · September 3, 2009

    Which mogul likes to be low key with the lady in New York City's outer boroughs? Click below to see the answer...

    It was Jay-Z, speaking about his Sunday date night tradition shared with wife, Beyonce. Apparently the Jigga Man is quite the man-about-the-borough in Brooklyn, having just stopped into summer's final JELLY pool party of the season at the riverfront in Williamsburg. We like that he can be Big Pimpin' without losing a very NYC appreciation for a good slice, and some down time shared with the wifey. Any idea which spot he's talking about? We're pretty sure we've got the answer, but we're curious to have you weigh in, and if you think it's the right stop. People in this city are as passionate about their pies as they are their sports team, and we're in the mood for a little friendly debate.