On Thursday, the New York Times dropped a bomb on Harvey Weinstein, publishing a long-awaited exposé detailing the decades of sexual harassment allegedly committed by the showbiz giant. From naked business meetings to coerced massages, none of it was pretty, and none of it was surprising.

What is surprising, though, is Weinstein's dedication to the democratic party, his support of liberal agendas, and his ongoing donations to the likes of Planned Parenthood. We mean, remember when he got into a bidding war with Scarlett Johansson at this year's PP benefit? While he's not quite Donald Trump when it comes to politics (although, even the Don supported Dems), Weinstein is just as powerful, and perhaps a lot more dangerous, for he's certainly a part of the "Liberal Elite," and his agendas, in the eyes of his powerful friends, may just cancel each other out.

The general response about the news from insiders is "no, duh." Everyone knew. So why would Barack Obama let Malia intern for him? Why do feminist actors and actresses work with him? Why didn't anyone say anything sooner?

Because the Illuminati is real, goddammit.

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