Socialites - you aren't rich enough to live with them, yet we wouldn't have anything to Keep Up with if we lived without them. Sure, at times we all think "I could do that, you know, have someone else run my Twitter account, hire a glam squad, and name my future kids something obscure and possibly edible." Well, you can't. Not only are your parents not European enough, but you definitely don't have your own website to share your daily whims on. Let's just say you're no Olivia Palermo. However, it's not all about marrying models and nobody knowing why you're famous. These Palermo photos prove that even the worst pics of this special breed of NYC socialite are still hotter than we could ever wish to be. Sure they may be from before she found her footing fashion-wise, but really Liv, a beige cardigan?

[Photo via @oliviapalermo]