Adrien Grenier Up For "Retard Of The Year" Award

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 10, 2008


    [Photo from EvilBeetGossip]

    Thank GOD that someone is FINALLY uncovering detailed dialogue that shows how much of a douchebag Adrian Grenier is. He may play naive hotboy Vinny on Entourage, or the supportive boyfriend in The Devil Wears Prada, but in real life, he sucks. This is coming from several comments from confidants of ours over the years, as well as more than one actual run in with the actor in which he, each time has shown that he is only after one thing, and he does not discriminate in getting it. Hopefully what follows will aid in helping NY nightgoers in their knowledge of who the "retards of the year" finalists that are set on taking over our town are. From today's RADAR, a classic dialogue between greeseball Adrian and a random, unsuspecting girl:

    Adrian: Hi, what's your name? Brunette: [Giggling. It is obvious she knows who he is; she is flattered that he has approached her] Elizabeth. What's yours? Adrian: Adrian. Brunette: Nice to meet you! And what do you do, Adrian? Adrian: I make documentary films. Brunette: Oh really? Adrian: Yeah. And some other stuff on the side. What about you? Brunette: I'm in fashion. Adrian: That's cool. So how about we go home and I fuck the shit out of you?

    Brunette: [Staring, somewhat flabbergasted] Excuse me? I don't really know you well enough to do that, I don't think. Adrian: Well, let's get to know each other. Where are you from, Elizabeth? Brunette: I'm from Houston, Texas. Adrian: [Pauses. Warily.] Are you a Democrat or a Republican? Brunette: Didn't anyone ever tell you it's impolite to talk about politics and religion at a party? Adrian: Well who did you vote for in the last election? Brunette: Not that it's any of your business, I voted for Bush. Adrian: [Upon hearing the name Bush, Adrian works himself into a minor frenzy] Wow. I mean, how could you? Are you serious? Do you know what he's done to this country? I mean ... well, who are you voting for in this election? Brunette: I haven't decided yet. Adrian: Hmm. Well how about we go home and I fuck the shit out of you and we talk about it in the morning? Brunette: No thanks.

    We suggest Adrian puts on those shiney blue spandax number he's rocking in the photo above and goes home.