Princess Buttercup Searching For "Happily Ever After"

by guestofaguest · December 28, 2007

    the penn’s

    It is quite rare, as many of you know, that we post on celebrity ramblings.  Today, however, we think one warrants our attention.  Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn are getting divorced.  This is really sad. besides the obvious problem with ending an 11 year marriage complete with 3 rugrats, we are devastated that Princess Buttercup is not finding life happily ever after.  While we love Sean (especially in Mystic River and I Am Sam), we have to say that we are on Team Robin.  Princess Bride is hands down one of the greatest movies of all time, one that no Jimmy Markum will ever be able to come close to comparison.  No one knows what happened to their marriage, but maybe it will be a catalyst for Robin's career.  We never did understand why she hasn't gotten better lead roles...until that happens, here's hoping that Jenny finds her Forrest #2.