Apparently People Really Want To Date Donald Trump Lookalikes

by Stephanie Maida · July 19, 2017

If you could date any celebrity in the world (or at least someone who looks just like them), who would it be? Chris Pine? Chris Pratt? Chris Hemsworth? Hell, Justin Bieber even? As cliche as those choices may be, they're all way better than the dude making a mockery of the free world. But, according to dating site Badoo and it's new facial recognition feature, Badoo Lookalikes, Donald Trump actually makes the Top 10 list of famous male celebrities people want to sleep with. Seriously.

We mean, besides his notoriously #thicc behind, what other features of D. Trump could possibly be desirable? The flimsy combover? The forever-orange complexion? THE TINY HANDS? Melania, we have questions. Then again, at least she gets to dip into his bank account at the end of the day. Why would anyone search for a potential partner who has all the worst parts of Trump (his looks) and none of the best (his alleged money)?

Beats us. But hey, at least most users are in their right minds. The number 1 search for hot celebrity doppelgängers is Barack Obama. Looks like America really is missing our hot ex.

[Photo via Getty]