WTF Is Going On With Taylor Swift These Days?

by Millie Moore · July 18, 2017

    Last year, Taylor got reamed out by power couple KimYe because she flagrantly lied about Kanye calling her to ask permission to use a line about her in his song "Famous." She also pulled a dick move by moving on from serious boyfriend Calvin Harris way too quickly. Calvin also dragged her for throwing him under the bus by taking credit for his smash hit "This is What You Came For." And let's not forget Katy Perry coming out with "Swish Swish" to make fun of Taylor mean-girling her. 

    Actually, let's forget about that. That song sucked. But regardless, Taylor made herself look like the biggest idiot because she started a feud with one of the biggest pop stars over - get this - backup dancers.

    Honestly, we didn't need all these A-list celebs airing out Taylor. Girlfriend makes herself look totally immature and untrustworthy all on her own. But this year she's been acting extra shady. Let's take a look at some evidence, shall we?

    1. No annual Fourth of July bash at her Watch Hill mansion. What gives? We were expecting the ultimate douchey name dropper to host the star studded party of the century as well as formally introduce her new British beau, named Whatshisface, to the press.
    2. Let's talk about Whatshisface. He's some barely famous British actor and "sources" keep saying she's trying to keep it quiet while, of course, repeatedly underscoring that Taylor has a boytoy and she's a super duper private person who HAAAAATES attention. Yeah, okay.
    3. Yesterday, she left her TriBeCa building being carried out in a giant suitcase to her car. What's she trying hide? A haircut more ill-fitting than that platinum blonde shag bob she had?

    Let's face it, Taylor loves attention. And how is she going to get it... by being talented? Obviously not. And since her shady ways got exposed in 2016, she's now pulling the "DON'T LOOK AT ME DON'T LOOK AT ME DON'T LOOK AT ME" while expecting us to look at her. She is the equivalent of that girl who invites a guy into her room and says, "Don't look at me while I'm changing," while expecting him to sneak a peek. She's the equivalent of that girl who eats a popsicle during class because there was "nothing else to eat" and there just so happens to be an dangerously attractive professor teaching the class. How do I know this? Because I have very much done those things when I was a teenager (which happens to be her emotional age) because I very much loved attention. Still do, but I own it. 

    And so she continues the delicate tango of seeking attention yet shying away from it. It's not even about Team Katy or Team KimYe anymore. We're just Team Who Gives A Fuck. If you want to get back on our good side, all it would take is her simply giving a public apology for being a mean girl. But that would require her to have the ability to be self aware and, ya know, humble. 

    So we're just going to not give her the attention she so desperately craves. Her ploys for attention have gone from endearing to agitating to really mean to just....super weird. We're just not going to indulge her anymore. We're just over it. 

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