Beyoncé can't do anything without the internet freaking out about it. We mean, she does kind of encourage us; from pregnancy announcements to complete visual albums, Kween Bey loves to make waves - and trending topics. Leave it, of course, to her unborn twins to cause shockwaves throughout the nation before even exiting the hallowed womb. Apparently, the newest editions to the Carter family are set to be born under astrology's most terrifying and collectively-hated sign, Gemini.

While Twitter is in an uproar about this perceived slight against humanity, we (well, I, a Gemini obviously) cannot be more excited! After all, it is the sign of the twins and BOOM, Bey shoots and scores. Also, we just don't get the whole Gemini-hate thing in general. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and expression, Gems are constantly curious, eager to learn, and witty AF. Sure, we can probably talk our way out of any situation our wild child ways have put us in, but that doesn't mean we're evil or two-faced. (Then again, and it shames me to say this, Donald Trump is a Gemini. Sigh.)

In any case, Bey's babies are sure to join the ranks of these fellow kooky, creative, and #extra Gemini icons.

[Photo via Beyonce]