Brad Pitt Becomes JRL's Latest Victim On United LAX-JFK

by Rachelle Hruska · August 13, 2009

    [Poor Brad.] via When we saw that Fameballer Justin Ross Lee was back at LAX bound for JFK, we knew we were in for some excitement. Read his Facebook status:

    Justin Ross Lee is heavily abusing the United FIRST Int'l Lounge Champagne @ LAX. Lie-flat first class JewJetting flight back to JFK after a 24 hours in Los Angeles. Godspeed to the person seated in seat 1B. Mary-Kate or Ashley this trip?

    You may remember when he spent an entire flight next to Ashley Olsen taking pictures of her sleeping. So who was it this time. Mary-Kate? Nope, better. Turns out it was Brad Pitt who won the lucky lottery ticket of sitting next to JRL this time around. Pitt's in town for the Time Traveler's Wife Premiere, which was last night. And this, my friends, is yet another lesson on why you shouldn't wish fame on even your worst enemy.... MORE>>