Chris Noth, Actor, Father, and Huntsman

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 21, 2008

    Chris Noth

    We've long been a proponent of Chris Noth aka "Mr. Big" growing up, and leaving the bathrooms of Bungalow 8 and Pink Elephant behind. Perhaps as Ernest Thayer states, it is true that hope "springs eternal in the human breast", for we wondered if Noth was actually becoming responsible when it was announced that he and his live-in girlfriend were expecting, albeit out of wedlock, and even though we had NEVER heard of or seen his girlfriend out with him before. Would this nightowl sell his ownership in The Cutting Room, and The Plumm and finally settle down?

    Well this past Friday, Noth's son Orion was born. Now Orion as you may know in Greek Mythology was a hunstman who fell in love with the virgin hunt goddess Artemis. Ironic of course because Noth himself is a huntsman who prowls around NYC late-night looking for virgin goddesses. Only time will tell if Orion follows in his father's "Big" footsteps.

    Orion Constellation