Diddy Hates Small Women's Shoes, Straws, Smiling

by AVERY SPOFFORD · June 29, 2010

    Ciroc Vodka has just launched a new series of videos as a part of their "Perfectly Smooth" marketing campaign. The viral clips, starring P. Diddy, are entitled "Smooth Talk With Diddy" and feature the hip-hop mogul's advice for how to lead a "smooth" life.

    According to "Smooth Talk With Diddy," the rapper's un-smooth pet peeves include:

    - Big smiles

    - Fist bumps with explosions

    - Ladies: Shoes that are too small (they scare him)

    - Drinks with straws

    Earlier this summer, Diddy also starred in a Ciroc Vodka video short "Smooth-Off"  versus comedian Aziz Ansari (arguably one of the least smooth actors in the industry) -- SPOILER ALERT: Diddy won the Smooth-Off by refusing to sneeze (sneezing is, apparently, not smooth).