Dina And Bethenny Are Leaving... Who Will Replace Them?

by CATHY LEVETT · June 23, 2010

    It was recently released that Dina Manzo from The Real Housewives of New Jersey and now Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City are leaving the Housewives Franchise. Now that both shows are down a housewife, the question is... who will replace them? We have come up with a few options...-

    Dina's reasoning for leaving is primarily because of her many feuds with fellow cast mate, Danielle Staub. Bethenny also is unhappy with the other housewives, not to mention the fact that she has her own show now, Bethenny Getting Married on Bravo, and a hunky fiancé and new baby. But don't worry...they're not as irreplaceable as they may seem!


    For Dina

    1. Kim Granatell- aka Kim "G"

    About her: She is friends with housewife Danielle Staub and more recently Jacqueline Laurita. She is a stay-at-home mom who is recognizable amongst the New Jersey social scene.

    Why she'd be a good fit: She's already been on the show, so she is acquainted with all of the housewives. Also, she has clearly demonstrated that she likes drama. After becoming chummy with Danielle, she went and talked smack behind her back to other housewife Jacqueline. To take things even further, she continued to stir things up by telling housewife Caroline Manzo that Jacqueline is obsessed with Danielle, which is clearly untrue.



    2. Kelly Ripa

    About her: A native of New Jersey, Kelly is an actress and TV show host. She currently co-hosts Live with Regis and Kelly with Regis Philbin. She is married to actor Mark Consuelos and they have three children.

    Why she'd be a good fit: Although Kelly probably won't ever be on the show, she certainly has the right credentials. She is a major celebrity who has a hot husband and kids. She is able to juggle her work life and also care for her children and husband. Kelly is in her 40s, but you would never know because she looks so great! She is portrayed in the media as a "perfect wife and mother", specifically in the Electrolux Kitchen commercials. Kelly and her husband are also in the process of producing two new shows on TLC, one of which she will host. She does it all!


    3. Justine Simmons

    About her: Justine is married to rapper-turned-preacher, Joseph Simmons, aka "Reverend Run." They reside in Saddle River, NJ along with their seven children. Her family had a reality TV show, Run's House, which first aired in 2005 on MTV.

    Why she'd be a good fit: Again, we understand that she's not likely to be on the show, but if she ever wanted to be in reality TV again, here's her chance! She is already in the limelight because of her husband and runs a very tight-knit family. It's not easy to care of all of those kids, but she does it well and their family is hilarious, as shown on their show. "Rapper's wife- turned-housewife," how can you NOT like that? Justine also finds time to give back to others like with the art foundation, for example, started by her brother-in-law, Russell Simmons and her husband and his brother Danny in 1995. This organization provides urban youth access to the arts.


    For Bethenny

    1. Emma Snowdon-Jones

    - About: Emma is a WASPY NY socialite who was formerly married to British architect David Snowdon-Jones. She is involved in basically every charity and benefit in the city while also attending every important party.

    - Why she'd be a good fit: Emma has always desperately wanted to be a housewife and is experienced in this field, after dealing with the many shenanigans of her former stepdaughter, Kashmir. She is also clearly "in" with New York high society. Most importantly though, she knows how to start a good fight. She was involved in a widely publicized fight with socialite Emily Brill after she called her a "society outcast" on page 6 of the NY Post.



    2. Kashmir Snowdon-Jones

    About her: Daughter of David Snowdon-Jones and former stepdaughter of above pick Emma. Kashmir is quite the party girl and always seems to get photographed for it. She recently pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft for stealing her former friend's credit card and running it up with various charges.

    Why she'd be a good fit: Again, we are aware that there is very, very slim chance that Kashmir would take a position on the show, but you don't have to necessarily be married to be considered for the part... Bethenny wasn't. She's a NY socialite and is currently not on speaking terms with Emma even though they used to be family. That always makes for good TV. Think about it. Two women formerly related by marriage that now hate each other brought together on a show. This seemed to work well on the NJ show, so why not give it a go?


    3. Betsey Johnson

    About her: This 60 something fashion designer dwells in NYC and is well known for her "out there" but feminine designs. She was once married to John Cale and they had a daughter together, Lulu. She now has over 45 stores worldwide and has received many awards for her designs and contributions to the fashion world.

    Why she'd be a good fit: While she may be another unlikely pick, she would add a lot of spunk to the show. I think that the other housewives would get a real kick out of her. Betsey definitely knows how to have a good time while also getting down to business. In 2002, Betsey was diagnosed with Breast Cancer but clearly defeated that. She is a very strong woman and the show could definitely use someone like her.



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