Do You Know Where Olivia Palermo Shops?

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · May 5, 2010

    olivia palermo, Johannes HueblDo you know where Olivia Palermo shops in NYC? Or how about the street Sarah Jessica Parker walks down every day? Well, we have some answers and some guesses.-

    First, we know Olivia Palermo shops at the Club Monaco because of the name on the bag (watch a little more "Law and Order," people) on Prince street in SoHo. We know this is the Prince street location, because of the distinct gray paint on the building and the grates (grates?) of the stairs. That is SoHo in a nutshell. Then, we have Sarah Jessica Parker walking to pick up her son from school. This location is a little bit harder to decipher, because trees grow everywhere (even in Brooklyn...get it?! The book!). However, we happen to know SJP lives on Perry street, and if you really wanted to, you could go to Perry street and look for the tree with that crazy bark pattern.


    olivia palermo sarah jessica parker Olivia Palermo Sarah Jessica Parker

    The next pairing is easy, but hard. Daniel Craig and his girlfriend, Satsuki Mitchell are frequenters of Madison Avenue (along with everyone else in Manhattan), but they've been specifically spotted on 76th and Madison, under or around The Carlyle. Kate Hudson, however, is filming a new movie called "Something Borrowed," somewhere. We did not have enough visual clues or insight to figure out exactly where she's been spending her days.

    Daniel Craig, Satsuki Mitchellkate hudson Daniel Craig, Satsuki Mitchell           Kate Hudson

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