GofG Exclusive: We Talk Fashion And Beer With Mischa Barton

by EVAN MULVIHILL · September 11, 2009

    Mingling with celebrities is totally the best part of Fashion Week, right? GofG correspondent Evan Mulhill was enjoying Fashion's Night Out in the West Village when he spotted Mischa Barton, enjoying a cigarette break outside of the Tom Binns Store. He waited until she was finished pouring herself some Bud Lite into a plastic cup in the back of the store (so much for rehab?) and then went in for the interview. Click below for his description of his encounter with the apathetic Miss Barton...

    "I asked her what her ideal man would wear on a dinner date (it being the kick-off of Fashion Week and all)she responded that she didn't know. Suit and tie or just a T-shirt? "I don't really care," she said.

    As for whether she preferred Bud or Coors, she didn't really care either. I asked because just moments ago she had been amazed at the new "cold-activated" Coors Lite cans whose Rockies shine blue when it's cold and then fade when it warms up. Mischa was wearing a dark blue cocktail dress, some blingy Tom Binns jewelry (her mom's friend is involved with the store in some capacity), and lots of eye make-up. She looked fit and skinny and not at all fat like she's been rumored to be."