Hilary Duff's Epic Public Rant About Her Party Boy NYC Neighbor Is INSANE

by Stephanie Maida · May 16, 2018

    Most New Yorkers have had their fare share of nightmare neighbor experiences - it kind of comes with the territory when you pack millions of people onto one tiny island. Celebrities, however, are usually spared, considering they live in exclusive buildings with pricy rents reserved for fellow millionaires.

    Hilary Duff, though, seems to have drawn the short straw.

    Lizzie McGuire is currently not leading the life dreams are made of these days, as she's just gone on an epic Insta story rant about her wild rich kid neighbor. To make things even more petty, she called him out BY NAME and even found his (private) Instagram account to publicly shame him.

    On the chopping block is one Dieter Addison, a young man who shares Duff's high-end building on Wooster Street. In a series of videos and screenshots, Duff laments to her 9.2 million followers that her "asshole neighbor... smokes cigarettes and weed all night long," and that her apartment reeks because of it. The star also WENT THERE by saying, "We know your parents pay your rent. We know you've never worked a day in your life—must be nice. Have some respect for your neighbors who work hard to live in that building." Yeesh.

    While Duff concluded the rant by advising Mr. Addison to "get a vape" and go to therapy rather than breaking furniture whenever he fights with his significant other, our anonymous source assures us that Addison is simply a social butterfly who happens to throw a late-night after-party (or two) every once in a while. Perhaps he should start stuffing a towel under the door?

    Scroll down for screenshots of Duff's glorious but slightly unhinged neighbor rampage (featuring a surprising amount of eggplant emojis).

    [Photos via @hilaryduff]