Is Paris Jackson A Long-Lost Hilton Sister?

by Stephanie Maida · April 2, 2018

    Paris Jackson, the only daughter of the King of Pop, is celebrating her 20th birthday this week, and we can already predict who she'll be partying with. The actress, model, and activist certainly boasts a famous last name - but could she be related to another global dynasty? All signs (re: Instagrams) point to yes.

    Since entering the spotlight on her own terms, Paris has acquired over 2.7 million followers and is regularly seen out and about, rubbing elbows with (and sometimes kissing) fellow A-listers. Sure, she has plenty of high-profile relatives, but as of late we've noticed that she's been spending lots of quality family time with none other than the Hiltons. From beauty launches to birthday dinners, Paris (Jackson) seems like somewhat of a third sister to Paris (Hilton) and Nicky. And lest we overlook those all-too-perfect shared features: long legs, blonde hair, blue eyes.

    Let's face it, the (semi) reformed society darlings are a tad older than Miss Jackson and we doubt they signed up for some Young Hollywood mentoring program. So why is she posing alongside them as their mother, Kathy, blows out the candles at an intimate family affair?

    Well, it turns out Kathy Hilton may indeed be responsible. The hotel heiress matriarch has had a long history with Michael. She was one of the last people to say goodbye to the star, and was a regular attendee of the Conrad Michael trial alongside members of the Jackson family.

    The pair actually went to private school together and had been BFFs since they were teenagers. Plus the whole naming-their-daughters-Paris thing is no coincidence. In an interview with Healthy Living, Paris (Hilton) revealed that MJ and KH had a pact when they were kids. "They said that whoever has the first girl gets to name her Paris. I was born first and then when Paris was born Michael called my mom and said, 'We had that pact but I really love the name Paris, do you mind if my daughter is Paris too?' And my mom said, 'Yes, of course, go ahead.' It’s a cute story."

    So... could Kathy possibly be Paris (Jackson)'s real mother? Probably not, but the close ties do make Paris and Paris nearly fam. Mystery solved, people!

    [Photos via @parishilton, @nickyhilton]