One scan through your row of Instagram stories yesterday most likely involved a heavy narrative of lame Easter eggs, dyed in a style based off a viral video with shaving cream and food coloring apparently the whole world felt the need to recreate and document. But I don't care how pretty your eggs may have been, or how enviable your basket, or how many bunnies you had scattered throughout your tablescape, Martha Stewart beat you.

She had bunnies, she had handmade pierogis of her mother's recipe, she had 270 eggs ranging the entire color spectrum, and a buffet table spilling with meats, dips, and shrimp cocktail that would make the most sophisticated adult lose it for a second. Oh, and a guest appearance by the Easter Bunny himself.

Click through for all the motivation you need to become friends with Martha in the coming year so you snag yourself an invite next holiday!

[Photo via @kateberryberry]