Is This Really Lady Gaga Doing Yoga In Lucite & Leather Heels?

by Mara Siegler · November 19, 2010

    We stumbled a crossed this random photo on Facebook of what appears to be the singer doing yoga in black leather Lucite heels, shades, a wig and full blown red lipstick. Do you think it's really her?-

    Lady Gaga never breaks "character" in public whether it be at a Mets game or the airport, but you would think there would be times when she just goes back to being Stephanie Germanotta.

    When she is around her parents, old friends, by herself, in bed, brushing her teeth, doing dishes, etc. etc. etc. But maybe not? Maybe she is so caught up in everything she just can't break out? At what point does this stop being a role or art or a performance and become a sign of a mental illness? I'd say yoga in costume.