Jill Zarin and Danielle Staub, BFF?

by CHLOE POST · June 16, 2010

    Could a new friendship be blossoming between the notorious housewives Jill Zarin (of New York) and Danielle Staub (of New Jersey)?



    The Housewives

    Both women seem to be stirring up trouble in their hometowns with their diva behavior and outspoken ways. Danielle is clearly the outcast among the New Jersey housewives, and the other women are not afraid to admit to alienating her. (Dina, clearly the most normal of the housewives despite her hairless cat and spiritual healing addiction, finally had enough of her antics and left the show.) The release of her sex tape also is not helping her chances of making amends with the other women.

    Meanwhile in NYC, Jill has stirred up all sorts of drama this season. She managed to damage a friendship with galpal Bethenny Frankel, she caused Alex McCord to break out in hives on multiple occasions and almost destroyed Ramona Singer's over the top girls weekend in St. John by daring to interrupt their pedicure time. To say the least, Jill has earned the title of mean girl; thus, alienating herself from the rest of the women.

    So, could this be a match-made in reality heaven?

    Let's look at the facts:

    Their Books

    Both women have books coming out. Danielle's "The Naked Truth," a memoir of her insanely tumultuous past. She is aiming to clear the air and tell her side of the story. The last time her past was addressed was in the shocking season finale where the other housewives reacted, well, by flipping tables. Essentially, the reveal of her suspicious past was the last straw for the other women.

    Then there is Jill's "Secret of a Jewish Mother," which she co-wrote with her mother and sister, which seems to be another way for Jill to tell people how to live their lives. Hey, wasn't that the downfall of all her friendships?

    Their Daughters

    Both women have teenage daughters, who have very active social lives for their age. Sixteen year old, Christine Staub made her debut on the runway at New York Fashion Week as well as landing a magazine cover. Clearly, she gets it from her momma, who got her start by working as a model in Miami. This girl has amazing potential as long as she acts the complete opposite of her mother.

    Ally Shapiro Zarin, daughter of Jill Zarin, is an aspiring photographer and young environmental activist. She is constantly seen by her mother's side on red carpets and at various New York Events. Most memorably on the show, she was sent to a detox center. Both girls are finding their way on reality TV following their mother's footsteps.

    Maybe, these two could get together for play-dates. Christine can play dress-up and model for Ally.

    Their "Friends"

    This season, (since Danielle literally has no friends and is often caught talking to her dogs), she has been keeping the company of ex-cons and Hell's Angels members. Inappropriate. Enough Said.

    Jill, on the other hand, has been making nice with fellow housewives. The questionable certifiably crazy Kelly Bensimon and songstress Countess Luann De Lesseps. Friends who use gummy bears as peace-makers and another who tries to make everyone classy through song? Sounds lame to me, clearly these two need each other to amp up their reputation ASAP.

    They would be unstoppable.

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