Can one change make a difference?

Whether you feel like a million bucks or not, you can make a difference in our world. And if you're needing a boost to do so, wash up and listen to this special episode of "Women Of The Hour." For it, Lena Dunham teamed up with Clinique to feature three of its #DifferenceMaker campaign stars. Actresses Gina Rodriguez (from the U.S.), Erendira Ibarra (from Mexico), and Jessica Nkosi (from South Africa) candidly discuss substantial topics from the heart—disadvantages growing up to freedom of speech to the daunting task of making something of oneself. What is remarkable about Clinique's latest campaign is how it goes beyond its products to promote social justice by empowering women. The beauty of Difference Maker is that it doesn't approach today's women as being merely about the gloss. But as multifaceted women of purpose who can impact the greater good.

Jane Lauder (Global Brand President, Clinique) shares her insights on the podcast. "One of the things that's most important about giving back is that so many women are intimidated. They feel like they're not going to be able to do as much, or make such an impact. Or, 'How can I do that?' And so we said, you know—we wanted it to be about letting women feel comfortable that whatever they do makes a significant change. And that's really how we wanted to be able to approach this. Because it can be overwhelming. And the same thing with beauty. One small change making a big difference... I think that was the idea about this Difference Maker [campaign]. You don't have to be only about giving back. Or only about posting a picture of a great outfit. It's both. Because women are so multidimensional. And you can have all of that."

So, what will you do to see a dramatically different world?