Lower East Side Dive Bar Bans Lady Gaga, Patron Saint of Lower East Side Dive Bars

by BILLY GRAY · October 12, 2010

    You can't walk into a club, browse a magazine rack, or talk to a local butcher without being exposed to Lady Gaga these days. A backlash was inevitable. And it's arrived with a jukebox ban in the type of bar Gaga no doubt frequented,  blocks away from her old LES apartment.

    Parkside Lounge on the LES has introduced a Gaga prohibition on its jukebox. The handwritten note says:

    "NO LADY GAGA. You Play, You Pay! It will be turned off and your $ will not be returned. THIS IS YOUR WARNING."

    As Bowery Boogie points out, Parkside is within a coke can hair curler's toss of old school Gaga haunts St. Jerome's, Rockwood Music Hall and erstwhile Haus of Gaga itself 176 Stanton Street. Never mind that the superstar frequently pays homage to her LES roots (or that Parkside put her tracks on its jukebox to begin  with): Gaga has clearly gotten too big for her bedazzled, nouveau tenement britches.

    While not quite on par with a Beatles outage in Liverpool or a steamroller taking to Run DMC records on the streets of Hollis, the slight has to sting the onetime Stefani Germanotta. Unless the kooky bestseller is more at home just dancing in Madison Square Garden or, gulp, the Oak Room than sticky downtown saloons these days.

    [via Bowery Boogie]