Marilyn Monroe Voices Disapproval From the Grave, Sends Relief

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · February 20, 2008

    Marilyn MonroeJust when we thought Li Lo had ruined Marilyn for us forever, a new Monroe photo has emerged.  Like the sorbet course that we love but have somehow lost, the new pic offers hope of a cleansed palate, free of the Lohan aftertaste.  For some, this may be the last chance to disassociate the classic American sex icon with images of the naked train wreck.  Oh, if only we could have one more chance to say, “Marilyn, I will remember you just like this!”  Be on the lookout for today’s news conference as we await relief from this bitter tragedy.  By the way, if a post-Li Lo detox isn’t enough incentive to say a prayer or two, Monroe is supposedly pictured “nude as a hitchhiker”.