Our Favorite NYC Celebrity Homes

by CHRISTINE CHUNG · August 26, 2010

    We have an insatiable appetite for all things celebrity. From what they wear, where they party, to who they're banging, we want to know it all. And we want proof. This hyper curiosity (borderline obsession) extends to their luxurious 5 bedroom apartments in the Village.-





    Here's our version of Celebrity Cribs, NY edition:

    Gwyneth Paltrow's Tribeca Penthouse

    Paltrow's a bonafide jetsetter, and true to form, she keeps homes all over the world. Her NY apartment is a luxe urban oasis of monochromatic white, complete with state of the art marble kitchen (for Gwynnie to show off her famous cooking skills), and indoor swing made from an Indian door. Jealous?

    Jennifer Aniston and Christina Ricci's Ex-Apartment

    This three-bedroom condo on hallowed Bleecker Street was once home to both Jennifer Aniston and Christina Ricci (not at the same time!). There's not two, three but FOUR wood-burning fireplaces. Glossy pine floors, a rooftop garden, and a quaint country home feel, it's any celebrity's dream house. Buy it for a cool $2.5 million!

    Nigel Barker's West Village Abode

    What would ANTM be without Nigel? He lives in this West Village apartment with his two kids and beautiful model wife (sigh...). A comfortable three bedroom, decked with out Asian-inspired decor, it's a kid-friendly and original space just a walk away from Abingdon Square park.

    Alexa Chung's Williamsburg Loft

    British style export Alexa Chung makes her home in hipster haven Williamsburg. Her apartment is all whimsy and barebones minimalism, complete with union jacks scattered all over. Despite her move across the pond to NY, clearly she keeps her roots close.

    Sting's Central Park West Home

    Currently on the market for $19 million, Sting's pre-war pad dates back to 1910. Private elevators, five bedrooms, coffered ceilings and oriental carpets, it's the epitome of sophistication. Who knew Sting had so much class? It's got panoramic views of Central Park, and better yet, word has it Denzel's a neighbor.

    Julianne Moore's West Village Townhouse

    Sleek gray decor, reclaimed wood floors, and state of the art kitchen? As if we weren't already jealous enough of fiery-haired beauty Julianne Moore, her exquisite townhouse inspires serious envy. All high ceilings and expensive paintings, it's a glamorous, but liveable space that's both modern and timeless.

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