Pete Wentz Launches His New Comic Book "Fall Out Toy Works" Today

by Rachelle Hruska · September 2, 2009

    "I think after you have a kid, all of a sudden you want to do things that your kid can see" -Pete Wentz.

    Pete Wentz, the rocker from Fall Out Boy and husband to Ashlee Simpson-Wentz doesn't take fatherhood lightly.  His new career choice has him creating a new comic book series called "Fall Out Toy Works," something we're sure his 9-month old son, Bronx, will learn to love.  The first of the five-issue color miniserieis makes it's debut today and the story is loosely based on the band's song Tiffany Blews.

    Wentz got the idea after hooking up with L.A. designer Darren Romanelli. The plot centers on the android Tiffany Blews and her creator, Jasper, a mysterious toymaker.

    Ashley is "amused" by her husband's latest project. [via]

    Pete Wentz, Darren Romanelli

    [All photos by TREVOR PENNA for Meet The Famous]