Photo Of The Day: Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Go Pumpkin Picking Along With Loads Of Other Celebrities

by SARAH MANDATO · October 12, 2009

    Sam Ronson, Lindsay Lohan

    Looks like Sam Ronson and Lindsay Lohan have made up just in time for the holiday season, and can enjoy things like romping around the pumpkin patch. LiLo must be especially grateful for the company, likely feeling low after the disappointment of her clothing line and then having to wait in line (how plebeian!) at the Balenciaga afterparty. See what other celebs went pumpkin picking this weekend below...

    We'd like to say, since it's been a rough start to the season, she's going back to what makes her comfortable. Unfortunately, this photo was taken during happier times. Regardless, Lindsay might just be Sam's kryptonite, since the two remain on-again, off-again. It's okay. We've all got someone in that category, and like a bad penny, they tend to turn up, again and again. Speaking of disasters, check out the other celebs, below, doing something "normal," but looking or being (or both) anything but...

    Christina Aguilera, Max Liron BratmanChristina Aguilera, Max Liron Bratman Christina Aguilera, son Max Liron Bratman

    Shauna SandShauna Sand Playmate Shauna Sand, her daughter, and some pizza

    Larry BirkheadMark Vincent Kaplan Larry Birkhead, K-Fed's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan

    Wishful thinking.

    [Photos via Getty and UpperEastSide Tumblr].