Why you gotta be so meme? If you don't live in a total bubble, you've heard about the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna drama. If in fact you really don't keep up with your celeb news, basically, Rob says Chyna sent him a video of her and another man, Ferrari. Naturally, Rob decided to post this video to Instagram with very emotional paragraphs about his heartbreak. When we say emotional paragraphs we mean about a dozen Instagram posts going off on Chyna for her body, her bad parenting, and her lack of respect for him. Poor Rob! At least that's what we thought up until he posted her nude photos. Least cool move a guy could ever pull. Rob's account got disabled and he may be facing jail time for his actions.

 Now Ferrari reacted to Rob by posting pictures of him and Chyna in bed together - sans clothing. Where is Chyna in all of this? The world is confused. In any case, this seems like a case of two men slut shaming a woman. Shocking. What started off as the most entertaining Instagram rant of the summer, ended up as a full-on mess.

Whether you've been keeping up with this Kardashian drama from the beginning, or you're just learning of the news, click through for the most relatable memes that came from the most absurd celeb breakup of 2017.

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