Sean Avery and His Two Chihuahuas Don't Take Shit

by Christie Grimm · April 23, 2018

    Notorious former NHL bad boy / former Vogue intern / current husband of Hilary Rhoda and father of chihuahuas Winnie and Chloe, Sean Avery, has taken to Instagram with quite the clap back. In a most unfortunate "whoops, wrong text," moment, Avery's dog groomer revealed that she has been taking the liberty of adding what she deems an appropriate tip to his bill herself, since he "is cheap." 

    Big mistake. Big. Huge. 

    Who would mess like that with a hot head like Sean Avery? She's clearly not a sports fan since she wasn't scared straight by his record of on-ice shenanigans. Nor does she read Page Six. Body checking a pedestrian while riding around on the sidewalk with his weird scooter situation? Dude's even got a restraining order for harassing his mother-in-law?! (Though to be fair, that mother-in-law seems all kinds of levels of crazy).

    But seriously, what I would have given to have happened to be in the Greenwich Village store Doggystyle when Avery came to pick up his freshly cleaned pooches following the below text revelation.

    Sure - he's posted the below to Instagram to shame the woman and her store for all to see. But we know that can't even compare to the red faced situation that must have taken place in person.

    All in all though, impossible not to be pro-Sean on this one. Which for him, is a pretty celebratory moment. Because again, this is the same guy who had the scooter incident.

    [Photo via @imseanavery]