Shrek Poses With Celebs, Is Huge Fameball. Literally.

by Chiara Atik · July 13, 2009

    Steven Speilberg, Shrek[Shrek with Steven Speilberg. All photos by BRUCE GLIKAS for] What's with the trend of celebrities taking picture with Shrek lately? Blake Lively and Penn Bagdley, Heidi Klum, Hugh Jackman, Chris Rock...the ubiquitous green ogre is starting to make Julia Allison look camera-shy. We know it's been a few years since his latest movie, and he's been trying to branch out into more serious roles. Still, we're not sure that excuses his blatant whoring for media attention...the guy is clearly DESPERATE to get written about. Click below to see some of the more flagrant examples of his fameballing...

    Shrek, Cameron Diaz

    You know he's secretly hoping US Weekly picks this up and starts a dating rumor.

    Shrek, Hugh Jackman

    Actually, he's probably hoping US Weekly starts a gay rumor too....

    Steven Speilberg, Shrek

    "So, about the new Indian Jones movie, what do you think? Could I replace Shia?"

    Shrek, Courtney Cox

    "So you'll call me, yeah? Let me just make sure you got my number right--yeah, no, see, you wrote 555-5555, my number is 917-434..."


    "Vanessa, I got you a box of chocolates, but--where's the photo--hey, yeah, yeah, can you get a picture of this? I'm gonna give her a box of--ok, am I in the shot? Ok, here you go, Vanessa! Smile!"

    Chris Rock, Shrek

    "So I've been working on a little something, I don't wanna bother you with it now, you're with your kid..well, maybe just this one bit I've been working on, it goes 'So I'm green, and my neighbor, my neighbor is white, right? Well, one day, I'm out in the yard, and..."

    Blake Lively, Shrek

    "Shut up, you don't work out? I hate you."

    Heidi Klum, Shrek

    "What? I always party with Victoria Secret models, no big."

    Catherine Zeta Jones, Shrek

    "So hows it going, hows that T-Mobile thing going, you still doing that? Cause I'm actually looking to get into commercial work. Here, wear these and take a picture with me, will ya?"