Smell You Later: Is Having Your Own Fragrance A Requirement To Fame?

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 23, 2011

    The sweet smell of success may require your own personal eau de toilette form. With recent news of Jennifer Aniston's eponymous scent, we thought it an opportune time to take you through the hottest fragrances for him and her to be various kinds of New York scenesters.


    Scent: Jennifer Aniston's Jennifer Aniston (2011)

    The Deets: The fragrance does not, as some have argued, smell like bitter loneliness. Sephora has the exclusive for the next three months before the fragrance (originally called Lolavie) gets more widely distributed.

    According to the Sun Sentinel,

    "She worked with International Flavors & Fragrances to give the scent some personal notes. Her childhood in SoCal for example is represented with using jasmine. There are some woody base notes to conjure up the smell of wood fires burning in good friends' homes. The top notes are citrus grove and rose water with a heart of blooming jasmine, wild violets and amazon lily. The drydown is sensual musk, golden amber, and sandalwood."

    Where To Wear It: Greenhouse. Sometimes a girl's gotta dance amidst the moss and vine selvage of the club.

    2. The Young Player

    Scent: Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's The Sitch (2010)

    The Deets:

    As The New York Post puts it, "If you've always wanted to smell like a mix of sweaty locker room, tanning salon and testosterone, 'Jersey Shore' star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino is launching his own cologne."

    Where To Wear It: The Oak Room. Though The Situation had aspirations to launch his own gym at the Plaza, you may not be able to smell him there given the deal's collapse. But to stay close to the spirit of that idea, bro out at Day&Night brunch. It's like Jersey Shore but with $10K bottles.



    3. The Rich Girl About Town

    The Scent: Paris Hilton: Heiress (2006)

    The Deets: According to,

    "Her fragrance opens with a swirl of Passion Fruit and juicy Orange Burst. A splash of Peach Granita and Champagne Mimose adds some sparkle. Star Jasmine, Tiare Flower and vibrant Honeysuckle reveal an exotic and mysterious floral medley. The heart is teased with warm notes of Violet and woody notes."

    Where to wear it: Lavo. This is Paris's choice spot for revelry and the location of her 30th birthday. Stay rich smelling even once out of your 20s.



    _4. The Established Man

    The Scent: Derek Jeter's Driven (2010)

    The Deets: As Avon puts it:

    "A mysterious blend of exotic saffron, blood orange and precious woods. The fragrance, a fresh Woody Oriental, is a sophisticated blend of the following notes. Top notes: Sicilian Blood Orange. Middle notes: Italian Bergamot, Calabrian Mandarin and Saffron. Base notes: White cedar, Haitian Vetiver and Tamboti Wood."

    Where to wear it: Teqa. This is the new tequila bar Derek Jeter's personal chef, Lisa Schoen, opened and will serve as the perfect environment to flaunt your manly musk.

    Clearly the trend is catching on, as those in the media are enthused.

    Christian Lorentzen tweeted last night: "Just heard @rachelsklar is starting her own fragrance. wish her the best."

    The reference is, we gather, meant ironically in reference to the extent with which Rachel Sklar is quoted in The Observer's article about HuffPo; however, as we all know; through every jest comes pure truth.

    It's time to amp up your olfactory goodness and step up to the plate.

    [Images via Total Beauty, Jersey Shore Slang, En. Academic.Ru, MediaBistro]