Step Aside Jock-Face

by LAUREN BELSKI · February 25, 2008

    moby [Superbad's hot babes] So, I was perusing The Intelligencer and happened upon a frustrated bit on the irony of Moby’s meat versus his, uh, veganism. The direct quote: “Moby is the type of dude who gets laid all the time, precisely because he doesn't look like he ever gets laid.” Now, I’m not sure whether this is a cultural phenomenon that can be charted in conjunction with the intelligence and independence of the 21st century woman or not, but nerds, perhaps because they’ve got a bit more to say during the post-sex cuddle sesh, are looking more attractive. In fact, when I broke up with my last boyfriend I actually said, out loud, “I want my next boyfriend to wear glasses.” Was I just becoming a statistic? Are nerdy guys really becoming more attractive or is Hollywood just suckering all of us with their sensitivity and their big words? I mean, look at the babe's that Superbad’s Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill have draped on their arms above. They’re hot! The tides are a-changing. My theory: the nerd-in-toilet bit from the eighties is about to make a crazy turn-around. The hot muscle-head guys are all going to be reduced to cyber dust. The computer age is upon us. Paulie Bleeker is the new Stiffler.