The Strange Inheritance Of Disney Rock Stars

by LAUREN BELSKI · April 28, 2008

    Disney Stars

    I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was sort of a Disney World junkie as a child. My family went there once a year, my eyes were often glued to the Disney Channel, and, given a blank piece of notebook paper, I could probably sketch an accurate map of the Magic Kingdom in under six minutes. Sick, right? But, throughout my courtship with the living relics of my television fantasies, I somehow feel as if I can channel Annie Leibowicz’s desire to catch Disney’s latest buck-fetching songstress in nothing but a sheath. Let’s take a quick journey through the last few years of paparazzi hell:

    Lilo, Brit, Christina A (who has miraculously managed to avoid much drama besides the fact that she was long hailed a sleaze before finding that cute sailor style.) Hell, even Hillary Duff. Once they were all my playtime companions on my favorite afterschool television network! But what’s become of them now? Personally, I don’t think this photograph is actually crossing the line. I think it’s walking it. It requires a little bit of social deconstructionism. Save it for happy hour.

    [Hannah Montana By Annie Leibowicz]