The Westchester Farm Where Martha Stewart Goes Pumpkin Picking

by Guest of A Guest · October 5, 2021

    Forget all of those Instagram posts you've been saving as a reminder to plan a pumpkin picking day trip to whatever random farm your influencer friends have been hitting up. The OG seasonal influencer herself has spoken.

    Last week, Martha Stewart paid a visit to Harvest Moon Orchard. Located in North Salem, just a stone's throw from her famous Bedford farm, the family owned spot offers all things autumnal. They've got apple picking, fresh pressed sweet and hard cider, and a seriously picturesque pumpkin patch. 

    We know what you're thinking. Why would Martha Stewart need to go somewhere to pick pumpkins when surely she's got a huge portion of her farm devoted to growing gorgeous gourds? Well - and get ready to have your mind blown - it appears that Martha's harvest wasn't quite up to snuff this year, leaving her to pick pumpkins like any old non-agricultural-goddess plebeian."... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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