There's A Kanye West Dating App Now

by Stephanie Maida · March 21, 2018

    It's actually kind of reassuring how many oddly specific dating sites there are on the internet. Whether you're a farmer, a clown, or just an annoying gluten-free asshole, there's someone out there who's looking for you.

    But there's really been a gap in the market for people who just want to love someone as much as Kanye loves Kanye. Until now.

    A new dating app aims to connect Kanye fans who may or may not share a crippling god complex with the rapper. Yeezy Dating, an idea launched by a 21-year-old in the U.K., started on Crowdfunder and, despite not reaching its funding goal, is set to go live soon. Its website is currently offering early access but be warned - Taylor Swift fans are explicitly banned.

    The venture seems to be unauthorized by Mr. West himself, but hey, it's worth trying out if you still can't get "Famous" out of your head.

    [Photo via @kimkardashian]