Well, the other night was quite the far cry from the pastel G rated fun of the White House Easter Egg Roll, or even Barron's bowling birthday extravaganza...

Rich kid of Instagram ring leader Andrew Warren threw a little get together to celebrate apparent friend Bella Thorne's new show, Famous In Love (like, where did these two meet?). And it shouldn't surprise that Tiffany's "friend" Andrew, the kid who spent Easter shooting a Part II of Mr. Selfie-Loving-Smith Goes To Washington snapping himself silly around the White House, would have no second thoughts about documenting the entire evening partying with the First Daughter.

From couldn't-be-clearer-that-he-got-the-hotel-space-and-the-cake-and-the-balloons-for-free captions, #SweetCornerNYC, @balloonsaloon @dreamhotels, (seriously, if your whole thing is that you're a rich kid, just pay for balloons, yeah?), to everyone ending up in the pool with no clothes on, the whole "fancy" free-loader fête would definitely have you believe it was a bit of a thing.

So besides Andrew and Bella, who did Tiffany pal around with? It was the same crew of usual at The Dream. Recognizable last names, with a sprinkling of new faces, including:

Harry "Can You Say Trouble?" Brant
Gaia Matisse
Alex Assouline (or as his profile would like you to know him, Alexandre Aristote Assouline)
Alexa Yarnell
Charlie Himmelstein
Julius Barnathan
Preston Nicholas

Seemingly not in attendance, however? Mystery Man and First Boyfriend, Ross Mechanic

Flip through for a peak into what little miss Tiff and friends got up to. #AboutLastNight...

[Photos via @adwarren]