Trendspotting: Celebrities Planking

by Christina Makoyawo · June 30, 2011

    By now you've probably seen plenty of planking. You have two options: you're going to think its funny or stupid, plain and simple. Many are against it completely claiming that its undignified. But it's here to stay and can only get bigger now that it's hit Hollywood! Even Justin Bieber is going there! Here's a look at some celebs plankin' their asses off.

    For those who haven't heard of planking, you're wondering "what is it?". Placing their bodies firmly and vertically-statuesque as possible on a piece of random object and pausing long enough for a friend to snap a pic. To explain why people are doing it is beyond me. The trend has been around for months but Twitter has been ablaze this week because of the trend with people Twitpic'ing away of their various planks.

    From the Web/Twitter:

    Ellen Page [via]

    Caitlin Moe [via]

    Rosario Dawson [via]

    and then on Jimmy Kimmel's desk...

    Kristen Bell, Flava Flav [via]

    Chris Brown [via]

    Justin Bieber...with a lazy plank [via]

    Dwight Howard

    Just don't plank on a police car...