We Were Right! The Lampoon Was Lampooning Us!

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 22, 2008

    Harvard Lampoon

    [Harvard Lampoon Society]

    As George W. Bush says, "fool me once...shame on...shame on you. If you fool me...I can't get fooled again." Well the Lampoon tried fool us when the called the exhibitionist and told them that Paris Hilton was going to be receiving an award at Harvard in February. But you can't fool us, and we certainly can't be fooled again. Many national publications including the New York Times started to speculate that Hilton might be the recipient of the Hasty Pudding Theatrical's Woman of the Year Award.

    We, however, thought this assertion was dubious at best! It turns out, according to the Crimson, that the Lampoon will be giving Hilton a newly minted award, the Harvard Lampoon's Woman of the Year Award, of which she will be the first-ever recipient. The Lampoon originally titled their award "The Hastiest Pudding Woman of The Year", which most likely confused Hilton and her agent into accepting it (not knowing that it wasn't the Theatricals award).

    "It was clearly meant as a jab at our award," he said, claiming that the Lampoon had originally titled the award, "The Hastiest Pudding of The Year," but changed it after the Pudding told Lampoon to stop using its name. "It's copyright infringement," said Lachter, who is also a member of The Crimson's business department. "The Lampoon is not above the law."

    Hilton's role in 1 Night in Paris, was one role in particular that caught the eyes of Lampoon members, leading them to ultimately want to give her the role for amateur acting prowess. Looks like the joke may be, once again, on Paris.