Let's face it, while the '90s were fun, they were not the greatest decade. Sure, it brought us Cruel Intentions and some amazing pop music, but people who say that was the best time need to get a grip. Pop culture wasn't better then, you're just nostalgic for a time when you had no responsibilities and your parents weren't divorced. The early 2000s are where it's at. It was truly just a decade-long Mickey Avalon song, and what a decade it was. How did we all make it out alive? Well, our favorite It Girls did it by finding salvation through kabbalah, staying the f*ck away from Tila Tequila, and making Simon "Dirt Nasty" Rex and Brody Jenner wrap their ish. So the question is: which celebutante from the early aughts are you? Click through to find out!

[Photo via @parishilton]