Finally, art we don't have to pretend to understand! And finally, a museum that isn't packed to the gills with fanny pack wearing tourists toting around screaming children on leashes!

Your favorite Instagram account Pop Culture Died in 2009 has partnered up with The Tonya Harding Nancy Kerrigan Museum of Brooklyn to open up a gallery from July 28th to August 11th. You have likely heard of the THNK museum before because they hosted an exhibition entirely devoted to the Olsen twins hiding from paparazzi! And you've definitely seen PCD2009's work, as we're completely obsessed with it here at Guest of a Guest. It's an Instagram account entirely dedicated to your favorite trainwrecks in pop culture, specifically those it girls from early 2000s that we love so dearly. After all, the early 2000s were clearly when culture, art, and our society as a whole truly peaked. 

The theme will be Nicole Richie's Memorial Day BBQ from the early aughts, which we've all heard of because the invitation she wrote is the most important national document since the Declaration of Independence. It may even be better than when Mary Kate Olsen had a cigarette themed wedding! If only Summer Roberts were around to plan the decorating because we all saw her kill it as Harbor School social chair when she planned an ocean themed prom back when The O.C. was on (a.k.a. back when television was worth watching). 

Whether you're #TeamFireCrotch or #TeamParis, you're gonna wanna check this out, so peep the deets here and you can program your Sidekick to remind you the day of! Click through to see some of PCD's work!

[Photo via Getty]