AS2YP Winter Gala At SL: Fun With Acronyms

by SARAH MANDATO · January 8, 2010

    Last night, the Autism Speaks to Young Professionals group ("AS2YP") held a Winter Gala cocktail reception, the second in their new event series  to follow up August's sold out launch party at the New York Stock Exchange. Not to be outdone by the likes of beautiful people, Gossip Girls and LiLo; the scenester charity picked the fiercely velvet roped SL to be, you know, socially philanthropic.

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    The crowd, sized to pre-recession numbers, sipped for three hours of open bar. As one might imagine, this led to some pretty fierce (chuckle) dance moves even though there were delicious passed hors d'oeuvres to temper the drink flow.

    In between meeting and chatting with a bevvy of PY(civic minded)T's, committee members explained the prevalence of the condition, now affecting 1 in every 110 children. With such surprising numbers, it's easy to see why so many young professionals are all over the circuit happenings of the new group. That, and the fact that AS2YP really knows how to throw a party. AS2YP at SL? Not only fun, but fun to say!