Ain't No Party Like A Princeton Reunion Party

by guestofaguest · June 1, 2010

    So, Princeton is notoriously not a school that shows up on the Top Ten Party School rankings each year. That's because they save up all the partying for their reunions, where they REALLY let loose. -

    The Princeton Reunions are the most well-attended college reunions in the world, attracting upwards of 20,000 alumni who realize, "hey, wait a minute, I worked WAY too hard in high school/college", and make up for it with a raucous 3 day event which includes, in the words of the ever-eloquent Wikipedia, "oceans of beer".

    This year's event was attended by NYC fixtures Caroline McCarthy, who actually went to Princeton, and Julia Allison, who did not. But come on, wouldn't you use any connection to Princeton, no matter how obscure, to be able to attend the P-Rade, shouting "Hip Hip Rah Rah!" til you're hoarse, while party animals from the class of 1925 march to the cheers of a crowd dressed head to toe in orange?

    [All photos via Flickr]