Duke University's Breakup Wall Of Shame

by guestofaguest · June 15, 2010

    Ahhh, college romance. It so rarely lasts. This weekend, a Duke Alum with what we're guessing is an unrewarding post-graduate life decided to upload an album dedicated solely to pictures of relationships gone sour. And, lest you need photographic evidence that guys in their late teens/early twenties aren't REALLY ready for monogamy, some of the guys in the album multiple times, with different girls. -

    Like this guy: Drew Braucht, pictured with three separate, but equally lovely ladies.

    It's not surprising Drew got a lot of action in college...look how versatile he is! You can take him to a fancy restaurant! You can take him to a football game! You can take him to a gang meeting!

    Matt Goldman also looks like he had a fairly active four years at Duke:

    As did Robert Dehaas:

    The stand-out in the group though is a gentleman named Hamish Russell, who overcame the the negative connotations of his name, and seems to have been, despite the odds, the George Clooney of the Duke Campus from 2004-2008.

    The existence of this album leaves us with these main thoughts:

    1) We can't believe how many formal events Duke students apparently go to.

    2) It really sucks to love and date in the internet world, where you can't just stick your photos and remembrances in a shoe box and forget a person ever existed.

    Once you've lived through the humiliation of having to change your relationship status from "in one" to "single" (or worse, have them change it before you get a chance to), once you've survived the first pang of seeing the person pop up on your newsfeed with someone else, once you've been sufficiently tagged in enough pictures so you have to click through pages to find the ones of you two together, then you start to feel better.

    And then years go by, and you graduate college, and it's like you've forgotten all about that meaningless little fling.

    Until some jerk you went to school with decides to post pictures of you with your ex TWO YEARS AFTER GRADUATION.

    Let this be a friendly reminder to everyone out there: Facebook photos are forever. Your GRANDKIDS will probably see the pictures of you doing a kegger sophomore year. They will keep popping up to haunt you years after you'd expect.

    Be careful what you post!

    [All images via Facebook]