Yale Fan Chooses Harvard, Princeton Still Doesn't Matter

by BILLY GRAY · June 10, 2010

    Of all the problems one can have, choosing between Harvard, Princeton and Yale elicits scant sympathy. You'd think the choice would be easier if your name was Yale Fan. But Yale W. Fan dissed his New Haven (sorta) namesake and will be setting up a futon in Harvard Yard come September.

    Frankly I'm not sure what I could add to this story to make it any better. Crimson blog flyby (you know it's a blog because of its irreverent punctuation) gets the scoop from the improbably named fellow himself:

    "I don't think my name is that interesting," said Fan.

    We beg to differ! It should be pointed out that his biological first name is Ye. His parents claim to have added the "al" because two letters weren't enough for the name of an American genius. And because Yeshiva University just wouldn't cut it. But I suspect they really did it for the same reason ambitious parents claim Montana residence come college admissions time.

    It only gets better. According to flyby correspondent Xi Yu (whose parents left his double double-letter name intact, out of spite) "'Ye...is part of 'shiye,' meaning 'undertaking.'" And anyone who has spent more than an hour in New Haven knows four years in the City by the Sound is an unpleasant undertaking indeed.

    Also, Yale Fan "only thought of [Yale] as a law school" until this year. And here I thought it was a lock manufacturer.

    Facebook searches for Dartmouth Enthusiast, U. Penn Aficionado and Princeton Devotee turned up no results. There is, however, a Love Brown who forsook Providence and is currently living in Boston, which is where every evasive Harvard alum will tell you he went to school.