Dull & Groans: Yale Secret Society Unleashes Biggest Disappointment Since George W. Bush

by BILLY GRAY · December 14, 2009

    Until now, we thought that closest we'd ever get to the Skull & Bones inner-sanctum was the director's commentary on The Skulls DVD. With the arrival of these photos, we wish we'd been right.

    Forgetting the fact that Skull & Bones allegedly owns the island where these were taken, these "party" pics might as well come from a high school kid's suburban basement kegger. You've got borderline undrinkable cheap beer, lame dance moves, passed out drunks and barely conscious drunks messing around with the passed out drunks. There are also overalls.

    Still, it's a secret society made somewhat less secret. So do take a look.

    (Photos courtesy of Gawker via Facebook)