Harvard Students Revel In Semiannual Opportunity To See Each Other Naked

by BILLY GRAY · December 15, 2009

    Harvard kids just refuse to be upstaged by their Yale rivals. Hot on the heels of a snooze-worthy look at Skull & Bones, The Harvard Crimson has released a video of undersexed undergrads stripping down for a frigid naked run around that goddamn Yard.


    Harvard students are not exactly known for their wanton sexuality. Maybe that's why most of the college's traditions practically force students to take it all off and get it on. There's the one where you have to take a leak on the John Harvard statue. And another where you're supposed to bone in the Widener Library stacks.

    But the friskiest of all Harvard rites of passage is Primal Scream. Held at the end of each semester on the eve of finals period, it involves hundreds of supposedly frazzled students stripping naked for a lap around Harvard Yard. As this is the winter edition, gird your soon-to-be-shriveled loins for pasty flesh and shivering co-eds. Word of advice to the porn site that actually sought release statements from participants: keep your traffic numbers up and burn any footage you have.

    Don't worry, the clip is relatively SFW. And honestly, black boxes couldn't be more welcome on a downed commercial jet.


    (Photos and video courtesy of The Harvard Crimson)