In The Service Of All Nations (But Your Own)

by CLAIRE WILLETT · February 19, 2008

    outcault-princeton1.jpgDid high school leave a bad taste in your mouth? Is your transcript bedecked with A's, 800's, and 5's, and your resume flecked with humanitarian aid? Something delightful your way comes... Princeton University has concocted a plan in which 10% of its incoming freshmeat will be spend a "bridge year" in disadvantaged nations to do social work. According to the University website, the aim of the program is to make Princeton "especially attractive to, and welcoming of, students who care about public service in an international context," though evidently not a national one. Katrina who? The USA is nothing but soy milk and organic honey, y'all.

    Princeton President Shirley Tilghman hopes that dirtying our Tiffany-ed hands, will "cleanse the palate of high school." No mention was made as to who the little Mother Teresa's would be, nor whether the choice will be voluntary. The U hopes the wee best and brightest will still be diamonds in the remote rough. At least the drinks will be cheap.

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