One Night In (Paris) Boston

by J. J. HUNSECKER · February 8, 2008

    One Night In (Paris) Boston

    [Image Courtesty of The Harvard Crimson]

    On Wednesday Night, the Harvard Lampoon, a semi-secret humor society (of which Conan O'Brien was a member), did indeed confer their "Harvard Lampoon's Woman of the Year Award" on Paris Hilton. Paris made an appearance at the Boston nightclub Rumor at 1am, where the Lampooners and other fellow Harvard students were partying away.

    At one point Paris addressed the crowd from the dj booth saying "I’m from L.A., but people party harder here than in Los Angeles, according to the Harvard Crimson. What Paris meant to say was, I'm from New York but I live in L.A., etc. But that is precisely why we love Paris and why she was winning this award in the first place.

    After the shenanigans at Rumor, Hilton headed back to party at the Harvard euro-themed social society the Spee, the same society that Columbian heir Andrés Santo Domingo was the president while he was dating Marissa Noel Brown. Wonder if Andres ever misses those wild Spee days now that he has entered into matrimonial splendor with Mrs. Lauren Davis Santo Domingo?

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