Model See, Model Do At Q Models 10th Anniversary

by JOHN NORWOOD · October 22, 2008

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    models [Photo by John Norwood]

    Another modeling agency party invite. Usually some very good looking people milling about. Nothing wrong with that, we love pretty people! But, not much of a story. These parties tend to be redundant, unless there is an added element. Hey, it's Q Models tenth anniversary, yay!!! Tens years of anything is really something in the fickle fashion world. Ten years of sweat, nerves, energy, time and money invested deserves some recognition and coverage.

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    At Mansion, a trio of presumed models are sitting together at a banquette, yakking and checking out the crowd. A good natural shot. Typical, posed party shots of smiley, happy people looking artificially into the camera are unbearably boring. You've seen them ten million times - a snooze. It is preferable to show what people do naturally - in the moment. But, before I could snap the shot, the girl on the left saw me and my camera, "It would be polite to ask first!", she said huffily. If I had asked, it would have spoiled the shot. She turned away from the camera and got the girl on the right to do the same. Then, she got the girl in the middle to cover her face. Well, monkey see, monkey do. Model see, model do.

    Polite to ask first.... Presumed models don't want their photos taken? At a party at a nightclub where the hosts want recognition for their modeling business? This sort of event is advertising and branding for the agency and the models. The agency gets recognition and the models get recognition, (maybe even a job). Model or not, it is impolite not to support people who have sweated it out for years to create a business, especially if you are attending their party. Indeed, for a model, it is unprofessional. It is hard to imagine that a top model like Gisele would do the same - she and the other top models understand advertising and branding.

    After that, no more photos.

    Nothing against models in general, heavens no. Please go here and read about some real professionals who are doing what they can to help. Indeed, my sisters, brother and I were all successful, professional child models. Advice from an old pro; there are cameras everywhere in NYC. No matter who you are, if you don't want to be photographed, wear a mask, or don't go out!

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