Three Day Stretch

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · June 13, 2008

    Spar Row Christian Simmonds, Gillian Hearst-Simmonds, Naeem Delbridge [Spar Row Christian Simmonds, Gillian Hearst-Simmonds, Naeem Delbridge]

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    Our night with Scott and Naeem actually begins on Tuesday and stretches to Thursday: We were a little quiet this week so we thought we'd throw in the highlights of the week. On Tuesday, Scott's neice came to town. Her and her husband were visiting from London-she's an artist, he's in a band. We took them to one of our all time favorites Pastis, where we were happy to see our favorite hostess/model Nelly Moudime. You may have seen Nelly's hot body in the latest Cane Rum ads. In the ads, she looks amazing in a little black bikini and her billboard on Lafayette stops traffic.

    Wednesday night we had dinner at Waverly with our favorite couple Christian Simonds and the always radiant Gillian Hearst Simonds (no more hyphen!). We were joined by makeup artist to the stars, Sparrow and Domino Magazine's Tom Delavan. You always know somebody at Waverly and that night was no exception. We ran into Bravo's Andy Cohen who was having dinner with Rachel Zoe, (discussing her upcoming show) and across the room we waved to Victor Alfaro and company. After dinner, our oldest friend in new york Cleone Perry joined us. Scott is her daughter's godfather and we are always thrilled to see this Brit turned New Yorker. Sparrow dragged us, literally, to Vlada to meet Kate Perry who's song "I Kissed a Girl" is burning up the charts. We learned that Kate is actually the daughter of legendary rocker, Journey front man, Steve Perry. We guess talent runs in the family.

    Which brings us to our big night-Thursday. We started out at East Village hangout, Arlo and Esme for Allure's Ro Penuliar's Birthday party. If you are in the fashion business, you know Ro, and if you don't, you aren't in the fashion business! The diminutive yet dynamic Ro held court over the fashionistas in attendance and made sure that everyone had a great time. We hung out with DNA's Taylor Hendrich and Women's Ali Kavoussi before making our exit.

    We walked a few blocks to El Sombrero to meet Sparrow, Charles Lorum and Eric Spear. After being served Mango margaritas by Stephanie and Vanessa, we were back in a cab heading to Rose Bar. The dashing Damian, parted the velvet ropes for us and we headed into the very air conditioned hot spot. Inside we joined Eric Richman and fellow revelers, Michael Barclay, Anna Carmo and Dominique Piek. At midnight we made a toast to our boy Matthew Rouse for his birthday, and were actually able to sneak a few pics, a definite no-no. As we headed out the door we ran into our favorite lawyers Ariana Ornelas and her boy Derek Frears, and outside Tara Fougner and her pal Kat. We talked them all into joining us at 10AK and again we were off.

    The thing we love about 10AK is the class and style of their door people. Your whole night can be ruined when it begins with a doorman who mistakes a power trip for panache. Other clubs could take a cue from Bin and Sherry. We've seen them turn down people as graciously as if they were letting them in. Which is why 1OAK continues to be the spot to see and be scene instead of a bastion for hookers and homies. We got to the club and immediately saw Annie Churchill, Adam Alpert and Christy Falco. We then headed over to our baby, the sexiest chick in town, Tiffany Buecher. We joined her and her girls and drank from the largest bottles of Veuve Clicquot that we have ever seen! On our way out the door we bumped into another beauty, Angele B., She almost talked us into going back in, and we were very tempted but decided to called it quits. Another great night...